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  • proxy-hulk is a spam bot this account should be removed
  • Hey buddy hows everything going :-)
  • Hi Lucien, Red51 suggested contacting you as I have offered to help with the new wiki and any other web related help that might be needed. Please reply. I also sent you a friend request on steam.
  • hey it was good chatting to you on teamspeak feel free anytime to come by for a chat ;-D
    • Thank you... :D At the end my internet connection was doing the same thing over again which I talked with you about...
  • It seems that you are the mac expert. When you have a chance could you please take a look at my post in the general help part of the forum. My post is called "command line won't open" using steam mac OSX I have tried all of the suggestions.
  • hey mate, when your on can you message me on steam, my friend is having weird trouble with her mac, worked fine went fullscreen deleted the properties file update the game and even though settings are on low she still is running slow, was working fine before