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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)
  • Are you back? :D
    • Trying to be, but we will see how much life allows for me to do so.
    • I just want to say how much I enjoyed your extended construction tutorial, I would love to see more on the topic
  • Nice work on that theatre!
    • Thanks, it took a few tries to get it to the current state. This game lets you get really fiddly with the various bits.
    • Yeah. It's vids like that which make me wish I was setup to do them myself, just for the hell of it. You two are my kinda people. Silly but mature about it.
    • I use the open source software Open Broadcasting Software. Free and pretty easy to use. Editing I found Lightworks (on LifeHacker) which has a free option that has more options and features then I will ever need.
    • Thanks for the info! But my issue is more that I've got a family and we live in a one bedroom apartment at the moment. Computer is in the living room. Can't really be hooked up to a mic like that and blabbing away at night. I'll still check out that software though.
  • congrats on the promotion to moderator......unless of course you already were and i am blind slightly :)
    • Thanks, It was a recent change, so you haven't missed it for long. :)
  • I Subscribed to your channel thanks for all the videos :D