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  • I added your worldprotection plugin into my server plugin folder but I am not able to get your plugin working.... what am I doing wrong?

    • i dont know, did you unzip it first ?

    • Have been able to get it working...thanks.

    • thats awesome, btw i have a massave update coming has more control, also horse and fox ownership, and blueprint tracking

  • =)

  • Dam yahgiggle you the man when it comes to plugins. I use yours over everyone elses plugins and scripts... Hell of a job because I dont have any issues they work great THX man. ( jackripper )

  • Hello can you tellme where is the Download or for what i has payed in Shop?

  • eine frage bei mir get das Grammofon nicht wen ich eine schal plate rein tu und ich drück auf den hebel ergibt es kein ton
  • I am a fan of your plugins! I had a question, in your auto World Protection plugin, when you hit p the help comes up. I am looking for a script or plugin that allows me to have a text box like that to offer help instead of the journal. Can you offer such a addition? I have trouble updating the jornal, but with a cool info. box like that, I would be much happier. Thank You.
  • Server 1 and 2 are still down.
  • FYI, the servers need to be updated. Thank you.
  • Server 1 is still down.
  • Server 1 is down again.
  • FYI your servers went down about 9 hours ago, and are still not showing online, nor can they be connected to via IP.
  • Hello Yahgiggle, and thanks for the Yahgiggles Server 1. I have a question about the autolevels, earlier on your wall it was mentioned that "Builder" level has F5 function. It does not appear to be true for Builder or Architect on your current Autolevel server. As an FYI I am Builder level right now, Architect is the last level that has full information in the Journal, so not sure if the other levels exist on the these servers? Thanks again.
  • Hello, what is the most current area protection and where do the files get installed on the server, i have a rental
  • Yes I remember that you are going to put a reboot plug in but doubt you have had time for that yet, so just checking. Your other server is still up.
  • Hi sorry to bug you again today. Your City rising server is down again since I've been trying to get in about an hour. Moderator Phartblaster was on again last night late and still on when I logged out. Another player came in for awhile also. Maybe some aren't staying if the host is shutting down on reboots without your knowledge, and they can't get in.
  • Got on late Sat. with no problems. likely my end from the looks of it. Ty.
  • The servers hung up. Cant get past the 10% load. Since last night.Not sure if you or me.
    • just tested it, it seems fine for me, but rebooted it anyway so hope that solves the problem for you
  • I moved my claim. Realized it's pretty close to the spawn point. So, it's moved by the ocean/lake now. I'm glad I did, I love the site. Put all 90 of my 16x16s on it. I cleaned up the original site, removed the stone walls and building and replanted the grass. including removing all those extra underground sites I made by accident. I did leave the pygmy smelter there, who knows someone may use it. :) I made Builder. I can now use F5 and make blueprints. I can't set down anything yet though. I hope I can setdown my own bp I made on my solo server. The ones I have there have never been set down on any of the servers I've played, except for my greenhouse.
    • that's awesome blue prints are turned on fully for placing and making but you just need a higher level :-)
    • TY. Been off a couple day, RL stuff. Back by end of week. I'll keep on keeping on. Really glad I 'm on the server.
    • No problem at all :-)
  • Thank you and I will do that. /wwp remove all username command and then do the /wwp protect command.
    • lol no /wwp protect is not a command oO just goto the area you want to reprotect and hit the c key and keep moving and hitting c till you cover the whole area you want protected
    • Lol yup. Found that out by experimenting. The world protect features are new to me. I like the way we are allowed to set up our own claims, sized as we want, and protect them at the same time.
  • Why 2 servers, and what is the differences between them? Ah. Nm. I just went onto the City server. Much better luck with commands and definately areas there. :)
    • one server offers some admin help when i am online the other server has no admin help it runs all on self protection, and realy has no rules other than to respect other players, rising citys has been around for some years now, and land is getting harder to find so i just infact moved main spawn away from the city, with info on how to teleport to the city if needed.
    • both servers also have my auto level up plugin working, where you level up for online time played, each level gives you new rights
    • what name are you in game i was in on there too lol
    • Name in game is Graysilk. My name on here was Graysilk originally. Had this name in game since 1999. Long story short - I managed to screw up my email, lost the Graysilk acct. -Red tried to help me but neither of us got it back. So lost about a year on the forums and rejoined under Graysilk13.
    • I saw you on game at just about the time I was ready to log off and then you were gone. I do have a question for you: I've managed to claim 46 claims and didnt want half of them: I finally realized that every time I sat a ladder or a stone or anything down on a piece of land, I owned it. I think Im going to use the wpp command to try to delete them all and start right BUT I have a small claim started I want to keep and am afraid I'd loose the little work shop and crafting stations if I do that. 46 claims is a bunch to try to delete without use R to remove one at a time is why I thought of deleting them all. So, I see claims with names and I'm going to assume that admin has to set that up? If so, can I get a nice little claim that just surrounds my work shop that is named? I will use it to learn rules and such and get the feel of the server. And when I do get a named claim, how many can I have, as I want to try several in diff. biomes?
  • Thank you again for quick reply. I plan to get on tonight for a while. You answered why the green box disappears. I tried the /wpp showallareas and got nothing in answer after the first time it showed me the green boxes. I tried several times. I tried the showareas again, nothing. Glad you told me the r will remove ones I don't want. Glad to know that on a claim, all items within are protected. I was the only one on the server the full time I was on line, so no one to ask. I think the N'Easter last night may have affected all gaming. Floods and lights out everywhere.
  • Hi. I've just started on your USA server tonight. Ive got about 5 hours on. Message tells me I have 10 areas. Not sure where ;). I did manage to hold the first one and put a chest and a workbench and tent down. I can tp to it. I've worked with the commands. I have a few questions? The server has world protection? Meaning that claims are protected from others doing damage I think? What is the diff. between lock and protect on a chest? I can lock but not protect. From what Ive read here, you do set the claims? So, what does it mean that I have 10 claims now? And a chance to earn 25 as I play? Seems to be running smoothly, very little ping.
    • i have two servers in the USA both run world protection with world protection push the p key to find more info on commands and also you have some buttons that are click able Well the API is broken so sometimes the buttons wont work oO relogging fix's this, the start areas you are given are 10 and then you get bonus areas for every hour you spend on the server, you can claim a area by placing something in the world or by hitting the key C, C for claim or you can remove the claim you are inside by hitting the key R, R for Remove, everything inside a area you have claimed becomes protected, for the chests they are also protected.
    • Thank you for the reply. The server I'm on is pvp. It's the only one showing up on Steam-or was last night. Do you have one on rw hive? Since the change over not sure, as my solo servers on the hive and on steam don't seem to cross over. I've found several menus /help /rules /areahelp /arealist (which dose'nt seem to work), how to tp which works fine, and several more. I set down a chest, tent and workbench and used the C key: and got a very small claim, I could see the colored outline box, but it disappeared quickly and won't come back. Then I saw 2 boxes together on the claim which also dissappeared quickly. So, the question is: how do I get the claims all together?
    • when you see the green area light up that just means you now own that little area the areas are 16 x 16 x 64 high you can have 10 areas this size you can claim areas next to each other to make a big area the green only shows for 2min and is there so you can see your claim and it makes it much more simple to know where to stand to add another claim next to the one you just made, you can also see all your claims with the command /wpp showareas if you want to see all claims including other playersd type /wpp showallareas each claim is also a teleport location to teleport to a claim type /wpp areatp id id = the id of the claim theres two ways to get the id you can do /wpp listallareas then use pageup pagedown in the chat or you can just look at the worldprotection info bar at the bottom left of your screen when you move into your area the area id will display along with the user who owns the area.
    • i should say you start with been able to claim 10 areas but for every hour your on the server you get 3 more areas, this is called bonus areas so say you play 8 hours thats 3x8 + 10 = 34 areas you can now claim of cause that does not stop you building in unclaimed areas and then claiming those areas when you have more areas to use
  • Your server needs to be updated :) I cant get on now.
  • Gday matey - I noticed your server was up last night, and still today :D I have a patch of land I'd like to reserve but no-ones been on to claim it for me (I guess being in Perth you are always 5 or so hours in front). PS ping times in the 80's. Pretty good considering my location.
    • hey ill come on tomow and protect it for you :-D BTW my server has been up for about 3 years but its had some ups and down over that time, we lost the world from a land crash that even the back up could not fix as every time it was recovered the land bug would re stuff everything back up within a hour, so had to start from fresh oO but that was some time ago and i think red51 fixed that bug
  • can you help me out please I created my first steam guide on water for rising world and want some input and advice. its called water works under mrorgonian i usually dont do this but want to get really involved with this game and keep ppl thinking about new ideas my pix are not the best i know and vid is something im learning but i try to help ppl on here and this is important to me and this game I want to be like you have all the answers and show what can be done not spend all my time fixing problems..
    • Hi mrorgonian, Thanks for the compliment of thinking i have all the answers oO, ill let you know something about how i get the answers, all i do is read everything on this forum, and also i don't give up, this is not realy anything special and anyone can do it. :-D
  • Hi yahgiggle, I saw your post on wall about the new script: great news! Any help I can give. I'll be glad, any time!
  • hi yahgiggle. You can provide the script leveling up or help me doing a basic script for this?
    • this is done with myphpadmin and the database its not hard but at the same time if you dont know mysql your not going to know how to code the lines needed
    • I saw that you have on the server " rising citys " a script or something that makes the auto level up , you can share this script ? of course I would like to change if possible , change the levels . Another question this script changes the permission group player, right?
    • my schedule is very rudimentary , myphpadmin is a script? it is where can I download for consultation ? mysql n know or think I do not know the language , but the truth is that I try to learn . I was watching the tutorial .lua and I was more confused than before seeing the tutorial, I had classes in c ++ school and was the most developed language studied but also was not too intense
    • sorry for my bad english but google translator that does not help me more ...
  • hey yahiggle, could you help me with a lua-script? it's about messages of a countdown, because our server restart twice a day. sorry for my bad english.. Many greetings from Germany
    • what do you want the scrip to do ?
    • the script should show a message with the times when the server restarts
    • ja gute idee eigentlich
  • can I get an area protection to start a build on the 119 server
    • yeah whats the name of the server i have more than one with that ip
    • Rising Citys Biomes, A New Beginnings
    • yep go for it ill keep a eye out for you and protect it when i see you ATM not a lot of users are around so you should be ok just build far from sporn
  • Hey buddy, I'm having some trouble with my steam account at the moment, so if you text me, I will not reply.