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  • The latest version of this game is really nice, looks like it's time to youtube it again <3

  • Just started watching episode 9. Gotta say, I love metal.. but you've got the volume of the music way louder then your voice. My kid was checking out the vid next to me when music kicked is.. scared the crap out of both of us lol. What tune is that anyways?
    • lol yeah it's too fckn loud.........idk it was a free from youtube track. @zacormyr
    • Ah well.... I was hoping it was you playing guitar! haha I play as you can see by my avatar...
  • Hey mate where do i find your lets play?
  • Keep up the great work, subscribed... look forward to seeing your builds and creations..
  • Gotta start dinner.. but will continue with your lets play later tonight. Nice to see an older dude doing this stuff. I'm days away from 37 with wife and kid.
    • awesome! glad you like.yeah I'm a bit late in the game I suppose but I love doing these videos
  • yes i do
  • hello, do you know how to setst torches ?
  • add me on steam. check out my lets play on YouTube.name is turbo sixonefour