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  • Hey jay did something happen to the server? Ive been checking the list periodicaly for the past hour and it hasnt poped up. Also last night I tried expanding the road but the blocks wouldnt stay, as soon as I left they all disapeared. Could that have something to do with it? Did the server crash or something?
  • I would love some help. let me know what you may need to do it and how.
  • Whats up man! Just wanted to to know why I can't post on your forums. 518mafia.com. I have registered on the site, but I see know way to post. If you need and help with your website let me know would love to help. See you in Rising World!
  • no page as of yet. Will be updating the page to show off some content on the server
  • you guys got a site for that server?