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  • I have water problems too 😭

  • Do you make plugins by chance?
    • There is not much point writing plugins at the moment imo. The current API may not work after the game engine is re-done :(
    • Would it be difficult to make a plugin that is a customizable note that can be placed in chests? I do treasure hunts and would like to write clues on "notes" for players to read when they find them. Like hit the R key to read them.
    • It would take quite a bit of time. There are a lot of things to consider. For example, what happens when a chest is destroyed/picked up when it contains a note? Does the note get destroyed or does the note linger on like a memory leak? Input and saving of notes. etc. Don't get me wrong its a really great idea! Unfortunately I don't even have time these days for MR coding. I'm sure as Winter sets in I'll have more free time :D
    • How about a text journal like what you made for the "auto Protect" plugin? The help section where it is a box of colored text. I would like to add information about stuff that players can read. I have a very hard time lining up all the text in the Journal when trying to modify it to add the plugins "how tos".

    • I have not made anything for the auto protect plugin? o.0

  • I logged into Medieval Realms today and saw I only had 4,665 crowns when yesterday I had over 13k. Where did they go? I sold ore at the treasury to make money and now it is all gone.
    • Very sorry Xantequia, it happened to everyone including my own player account - https://medievalrealms.co.uk/version-update/medieval-realms-0-1-1-0 This is the first time in the servers history I've had to alter the crown values in the database :( I appreciate I'm not popular!
    • No worries my grace, I can make it up again in no time. :)
  • Hi Yahwho, is your question regarding the goto console command in the correct thread?
    • Ops! Haha no you're right! Thanks for the heads up!
  • hey yahwho, I think I have seen you are into codeing of plugins. I am in need of a plugin to make a small pvp arena on a pve server. I am told playerdamageevent might do it. would it be something you would be interested in doing? PlayerDamageEvent setCancelled false is the exact quote to point you twards let me know
    • I've had a look at this before, albeit briefly. I'm sure it would be possible somehow. . . Thing is I'm not sure if that method gets invoked when the server is set to PvE mode. I'll take a look into it when I get time, but work is really busy currently with GDPR. I suspect it may need to work the other way round PvP sever with PvE zones. I can see that working as the damage event could be set to cancelled.
    • thanks and keep me in the loop. I am running into the same work is terrible and have no time thing so I understand but if you could get this working I would appreciate it. I realy don't want the server pvp it needs to be pve with pockets of pvp done like area protection I imagin. But knock it around and let me know. Thanks
    • Will do. I know it's on a lot of people wish list!
  • I can help you with your water problems
    • Sorry just seen this message Palacost - it's all sorted now :) CHEERS for the offer though!
    • Looking back this post always makes me laugh "water problems". 😂