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  • hy Mino

    Is your Server Artisan Realm down?


    • Hey, Artisan's Realm has moved to a new host since quite some time. I am not familiar with the details as I haven't played in a while.

      Here is the discord server of the new host where you can get more info: https://discord.gg/5xPAbSw

    • Oh... Thanks

  • Like the new avatar Mino, very dapper 😎

    • hahaha thanks I have recently launched my SM accounts so got an artist friend to make me a new penguin avatar :D

  • Hi Mino! I have all your plugins on both my servers. Big fan! Question: Do you know an easy way to make a text based journal? Instead of the regular one, a text block I can update with ease that looks like Yahgiggle's Auto protection world help where players can just hit a key like H and all my server info. is there. then click "Close". Me trying to update the RW journal is a pain trying to line up the text on the pages, etc. Maybe a "text Journal" plugin or something? Thanks!
  • Hi Do you know how to do for going in the same world on Single Player whith my friend? thank you
    • You need to start your game using the "Play with Friends"/"Open to LAN" Button and then invite your friends from your Steam friend list.
  • Thanks for the info. I have a query - just like underground dungeons is it possible to have structures up in the sky? A crashed UFO site maybe :p Players who are able to fly can salvage resources from sky then, like crystals, diamonds, krypton etc. Also there will be less lags as the structures will be way up in the sky. I hope in future RW becomes more tech oriented. Futuristic techs that will help players to colonize a Space or a galaxy someday...just a thought :)
    • well I cannot speak for red as I am not a member of the dev team but I think he wants to keep the game more lifelike and realistic not real of course but close enough. So alien tech will probably not fit in that. Having said that a fantasy biome is something he is considering so you never know ;)
    • Appreciated :)
  • How do I reassign F3 Key? Also what are the other objects but items like technical _smoke?
    • what do you mean by reassign? all key binds can be found in the config.properties file in your game's directory (something like USER/steam/steamapps/commons/RisingWorld). You can change the values and save the file and then start the game. Currently only technical_smoke exists but more like lights (spot/omni/etc.) and fires will be added in the future :)
  • just wondering are cool bp's going to be intergrated in the game ? i would love to see my midian build come back in a deserd orsomething
  • im finished with my midian build so all bp's are ready maybe you can make it in to 1 clear post cause i could not put it all in the 1 post and im going to think how if i do somethig like this in the future i can make it clearer cause i aso wanted all parts to be avalible as loose bp's
    • I merged everything in one post, can you confirm all the blueprints are in there? if any are missing please uplaod them again in a new post under the existing thread :)
    • there all in but is it posible to put the full version of the city in a difrent post aybe easyer to keep it seperated from the parts iv made with loose parts so ppl can find that 1 directly instead of having to seach for them in the list of partial bp's with deorations also if you get a chanse id like to hear your apinion of my city of midian i would love to see it been used by players in there worlds in deserts as a abandond city of the dead
  • thanx a lot looks great but confusing:P i will give a shout out when its completly done cause i cant add bp's or ftos to that post cause iuts full it says
  • can you help me with that midian post and remove the coments from others im back from vacasion now and going further on it and think will be finished in about a week max and would e nice if only the bp's and pictures related to the bp's are in there
  • sorry but red already asked me to put the bp's in this way please find out what other moderators do before commenting on thngs other modirators already have made a deal about
    • well he probably did because you had posted 10 threads at the same time with 1 blueprint per thread. As I said look at all other blueprint threads, they all have all the images and .blueprint files only in the first post. This is the recommended way to do it, that is all I told you.
  • Just a little Thank You for something good you did ♥
  • Hello i have a send you email for 2 questions i hope that you can help me.
    • yep saw them, I am a bit busy today but I will send you a message soon :)
  • And when you have a command to create an NPC on the server?
    • I am sorry I don't fully understand the question but to spawn NPCs you can type spawnnpc male/female/dummy and use the other NPC specific commands to change things about it. If you mean if players are getting the command on Artisan's Realm that hasn't been discussed yet as many NPCs could cause huge lag issues if spawned at one place.
  • hello on server tools, do you place the tools on the server or client, i was reading you said plugin folder. i do not have that folder..do i make a folder named plugin..etc thanks
    • if the folder doesn't exist you need to create it yes. All plugins are server side and the clients do not need them to connect to the server. That is unless you want to use the plugin in SP as well then you would add it to your client instead.
    • small note, make sure the plugins folder is written with a small p, else the game will not recognise it ;)
  • Hello Minotorious, the screenshots are posted.
    • Thank you very much for doing it :) It is important for blueprints as else noone knows what the actual build looks like before they download the file
  • Welcome to the Team Minotorious :-D
  • I don't think we can class replying to old posts as spam oO also that post is not closed and is still used by new players downloading plugins, so they have every right to thank or comment on the plugin
    • it was not on the plugin thread but the video review for the plugin. Not really a place the plugin developer would look for thanks.
  • Hello Minotorious! I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this; however, I didn't know any other way to contact you. My claim on Artisan's Realm has expired a few days ago and I don't seem to be able to chat while there to contact you or another Admin. Can my claim be reinstated? Ty for your help! My ingame name is Raen.
    • I will take a look once i get home. Do you maybe remember your claim name as well? That would save me some time :D You can always contact us on discord but here is ok as well :)
    • My claim is Raens Retreat. TYVM Minotorious - I'll try not to let it go dormant again!
    • I just checked and your area hasn't been removed yet, I will make a note so that we don't remove it :)
    • Tyvm Minotorious!