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  • robin its cameron from your server on rising worlds a admin has banned me for very little reason im the guy who was building the vault 111 on your server please can you unban me the reason i was banned is cause your admin refused to let my friend become apart of my group thus my friend was on the game with very little to do cause he couldent attack the blocks and i asked if u was on teamspeak and he banned me for being inpatient.
  • WOW.....i just spent quite a while mining lots of new ores,then smelting into ingots only to find them gone as soon as i put into a chest.BOOHOO !!!
  • crissa we are having some weather here in NY where the server is located that may be causing your connection issues on the 518 server. please let me know if the problems continue into tomorrow. I have looked it my firewall logs and I don't see anything that is refusing your connection. I haven't got a chance to introduce my self. I'm Jay . welcome to the server and please feel free to ask any questions you like . Our admin are always willing to help.
  • only one comment at this point-----BRAVO DEVS !! A FANTASTIC GAME IN EVERY WAY !!