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  • That sounds awesome. You are certainly going for that life and death feel to your mod. Very nice
  • Hey Daniel, I went and took a look at the dinosaurs app that you have created. Wow. You are one talented individual. Everything you have done with that is awesome. Making this mod must be a work of passion for you as there is one heck of a lot of detail in there. Great job.
    • Thanks Lilli....... always nice to get great feedback like that. Hope you are having better luck now with your computer.
    • My aim with the mod is to have people playing in the cavemen era with wooden clubs and spears. The ability to create fire was a big thing back then so also hoping to create a caveman version of the torch with a whole new look and method of lighting it. Am also looking forward to adding the first animated dinosaur to the mod.
  • I turned off everything that was suggested to be off and I am pretty sure those were included that improved a lot of things when I found the posting that gave a list
    • The post from ArcaneDesmond about removing things..... I did not agree with a lot of that. those steps are really for people who know a lot about computers and it is too easy to make a mistake and delete something you shouldn't .
    • Besides ... you have 12 gig of memory and obviously a much more powerful pc... his post did not really apply to you
    • I am not much of a computer person, mostly because I do not have to be. I reduced the resolution again but now the game just starts turning into a white screen off in the distance to the point where that distance just keeps closing in til I have no where to go. Then the game locks my computer. I have tried running a report on that when I see the white in the distance start. It only locks up my computer faster to try and get the report. (unsuccessfully) That was the initial problem I started with about a month ago I started having...the white lines appearing that would bloom into the half the screen turning white.It's not that difficult to log out and restart the computer to go back in. It is just annoying to have to do that several times in an evening of playing. Thanks so much for all your suggestions and help they have been greatly appreciated. If you have a suggestion for a good gaming system of a graphics card to go for that would be great. On the dinosaur mod I think that is awesome. Someone posted a nice dragon in blueprints the other day now I would love to see a dragon move...right up there with a dinosaur!
    • The white lines could suggest something is not working properly with the graphics card...... it is altogether possible the graphic card software needs to be updated.
    • That was my guess. But the guy who is playing in RW with me when my game gets that white line (another description is the grass is long on one side and groomed on the other) his game stops performing properly either. Usually both of us cannot get back into the game unless I go and reboot the server. Extremely frustrating.
  • if you have fractions and reflection ticked in your settings try turning them off. my pc locks and the game then crashes if I have those ticked.
  • Not really sure I understand how they work
    • Same here... I am trying to create animated dinosaurs for my mod and that will need to be a plugin... I think
    • I will have to be content for a bit with other peoples work myself I can tear things apart and rebuild them, modify them make them a bit different etc and getting pretty good at that. I figured that was a good place to start
  • I have not added any plug ins to my game.
  • Hi Daniel, figured just chatting computers is probably better out of the help forum. Thank you for all the help and the advice. They really have not fixed the problem. I have never had a game act like this before. This is however the first one where I bought the game. I played a game called Salem for a couple of years and loved it but when another player came in and killed us off we never went back in to start over again. This was a reasonable replacement for that game. I really enjoy it but am getting very frustrated with all this. Sadly I feel like all I do is bitch about it as I do not comment in any of the general forums. btw my husband still says there is a memory leak in the program what ever that means.
    • I did leave a message in the forum re the issue you have with wood. Was wondering if you had the Planks 'n Beams plugin as the latest version came out in April and may have more than 200 textures available for crafting with wood.
    • I also mentioned in the forum that if I have 2 options ticked in settings my pc locks up and the game then crashes...... i do not have a powerful pc but if your graphics card has issues that could explain things.
    • sheesh put an add in on my game...not really sure I even understand how they work. So no I have nothing additional added to my game and am rather contend with the available textures at present. But if I could convince my husband that they are safe I might be able to down load one but would rather get the game as it is working right first. (I even had problems figuring out how to use the forums. still do as far as the mechanics go.