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  • Just saying 'hello' to a fellow Canuck! :) I've just begun playing RW but already loving many of the aspects of this game and hope to learn a lot more. I don't know how to find a good server and I've posted about it on the forums just awhile ago. Hoping to make some friends with similar attributes, etc.
    • Heyo! Nice to see another Canadian hanging around the forums. There's quite a few, yet some are hiding, and others have gone on a hiatus. Hope to see you online,.....somewhere. Thanks for dropping by!
  • Hello I'm posting today to spread the word that I have started a Rising World Face Book page. So we can chat about things and show off our builds. I really enjoy the game and am wanting to spread the word about it and was shocked that there wasn't already a page on it. So I started one I'm sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes. I just want more people to play. The page name is just Rising World. At the moment I'm the only admin but as soon as I get more people on the page I'll assign others. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact me on here of FB.
    • Sorry for not replying for many months, yet I have constantly checked this out yet failed to reply each and every time because of how I swiftly check things. I've been aware of it since December, yet easily distracted. Thanks for sharing, and hope it's still surviving.
  • Impatiently waiting for dungeons update, horses, player customization update, and such. Wanting to do so much more.
  • Guess I`m using a new avatar because my old one was removed or disabled. That`s fine....Let`s have Vara to the right & Fubuki (Busou SHinki) to the left in this.
    • Also overly happy to have Rising World in my posession to try building up Niska Village in a testing manner.
  • Just waiting for my ISP to be set up once again + new computer to be bought. Itching to play Rising World yet waiting on my ISP Oct 6th & Computer around Nov or December. I really want to play.....
    • New net gained on Oct 6th. Now working towards a new computer. Game should be an easy acquire.
  • ArcticuKitsu add me on steam i want to talk to you ;-)
  • Overly excited for Rising World, more so after playing Minecraft + Minecraft's FTB (Feed The Beast) modpack. Itching to also explore the waters as much as breaking in the trains from heavy use.
  • Again, i've added a couple more sketches Friend. These ones a just fun ones this time. ha!
  • Just to let you know friend. More sketches are in the suggestions thread. haa!