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  • so...where can we download the texture packs you created pleasse? i realy cant see how ... where to download and where to put them in game...thanks if you can tell me..
  • letzte Version des Texturepacks ich hätte interesse daran könntes du mir dein link senden danke dir wenn es klapt
  • Substance Painter 149$... Time to get a job after university :D
  • Models Models Models, Texture Texture Texture and back to Models Models Models
  • Texturework...
  • My graphic card is good as dead this bitch 3 years old msi gtx570 oc, god why????? I am poor student now new rig? :(
    • After hours my pc is repaired and ready for action, the old graphic still works well now :)
  • Danke dir :D
  • Updated tp
  • I am not dead just lazy and have much working :)
  • Substance B2M3 i am coming... :)
  • Another little xmas-update, now back at christmas XD
  • Refactoring grass plants finished, now looking for structure of tp.
  • Reading some star wars comics and thinking about physic based rendering .... but why?