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  • Probably shouldn't post more off topic stuff on the change log thread hehe. I couldn't play that zombie game for the blind. I downloaded the one next to "Full Download link, version 3.4 (664MB)" but it would not open the zip file at all, even with 7zip. Not sure what I was doing wrong or what...
    • Its a voice activated zip system for voice computers. You probably need a dependency but its probably on their web site. It's not urgent that you play it.
    • ah ok, I didn't look too deeply on that site. I didn't have time when I did the download. Ah well.. as you said, it is not urgent to try that hehe
  • Thanks for sharing that link for open source ecology. I just watched one of their vids.. http://opensourceecology.org/video/open-sourced-blueprints-for-civilization-ted-2011/ I'm interested in permaculture so this is right up my alley.
    • I'm one of the very early permaculture certificate holders, 1984. Trained by someone that Mollison trained and I've had several long chats with Bill and others. I more or less left the movement in the 1990's to pursue the energy side of things and have a degree in that field plus sustainable agriculture. Permacultures gone to far left since Bill Mollison sort of retired.
    • Oh really? That is great! Wish I could say the same. All I have done is learn stuff about it online, along with the usual gardening methods etc.. So far I have not been able to put anything in practice other than some container gardening. I thought of getting into the energy side also, but electrician is not for me I believe. I thought I was the oldest one around the forum haha :P
    • I'm older than your dad I suspect.
    • Well I am 37. My dad is 67 I believe.