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  • Rodeown, Just wanted to apologize for the events that led to my ban from Artisan's Realm. I should have stayed around to explain myself. I have a server of my own. Although, it is just for testing. I really thought you were busy and I would just help you out with the first steps in creating the new area. I only wanted to come on AR to visit occasionally with other players. I didn't mean any disrespect and just didn't think you would understand if I tried to explain why I created the area on my own. Being a 50 year old, sometimes things come off different from me than I expect with younger folks. Anyway, please accept my apologies. We are a community and I would not want to ruin what we have here by letting things go as is between us. FortuneQuacker
    • Apology accepted, Thank you for taking the time to explain. I also am over 50 year old so am not a "younger folk" as you put it, the reason you were banned was because of your attitude Jon also read the logs of our short conversation and agreed you seemed to have an attitude for some reason that day, using "NOPE" when i told you that is not how we do things on this server and the "W/E" (what ever) was also a dismissal of wanting to talk about it and then you instantly logged. Hence the banning. We are creating areas on AR that have an approximate size and will not restrict other areas from been created next to them that is why the Admins make the areas only. Obviously we cant just have anyone going around creating areas and deciding to move from where they were. I will talk with the owner regarding this but cant make any promises. Rodeown.
    • It's OK. I was more concerned about offending you than getting back on AR. I have all the freedom and room I need on my own server. You are welcome any time. It is Aurumia. If you see it in the list, I am online. Take care.