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  • Well, I finished. It took a lot longer than I expected... because I didn't expect to be making little details such as the clock tower mechanism. I didn't even expect to make the clock tower at all. The rooms on the first floor were many and very basic. This was intended, and I think it worked fine. The second floor rooms were still basic, but more spacious. Both floors had common bathrooms and showers. I encountered a problem with those in the second floor. There was not enough room because of a second set of stairs (the ones that were on the first floor to the second now went down and I needed ones that went up further) that took up a lot of the space that was used in the first floor. So the second floor got no common living rooms and got a room of showers instead, leaving the bathrooms as, well, just bathrooms. The shower room was crowded, though, because there wasn't enough space for anything better. Instead of a double wall of blocks for the bathroom decor, I had to use planks as a wallpaper. It still worked fine. The third floor was easy enough. It had the suites. They're not big, but they have a private living room and a private bathroom each. Then came the classrooms. I had to make desks and blackboards, but I think they turned out pretty good (if not as perfect as a lot of stuff I've seen here). They looked a little empty so I added posters all over. And then they looked okay. Then came the library. A good friend gave me a tip for that and suggested books were posters. It worked like a charm. Then came the attics, and cluttering them and filling them with cobwebs. They look like a different world. Then came the hallway in the first floor, the dining room, and the entry and living room. I managed to make hanging plants somehow. I made rugs. I made pretty living rooms. And I put up a lot of posters. Then came the kitchen. It's simple but functional. I made ugly and not-very-round pans and plates and a few small glasses. Then I made a coal box. And filled it with coals. That took a lot of them, too, to make it look filled when it's really just a top layer. Finally came the kitchen gardens. Which required sheds and bathrooms for the gardeners. And a workshop because what if things get broken? And a laundry area because where else can people wash and hang clothes? Except then came the clock tower. And what is a clock tower without a mechanism and a way up? So that happened too. I made gears and frames and axles. And with gardens and a wall and a fountain... it's done. I'm pretty satisfied with the results.
  • The rooms on the first floor are finished. I still need to do the hallways and such, but I'm starting with all the living quarters. I also designed the second floor rooms... but only one is really furnished because I haven't blueprinted them yet. I also need to fit in the bathrooms in that floor. And then it'll be time to design the 3rd floor suites. And then the attics, where the servants live. This is getting somewhere. Though, to be honest, it's impossible to compare to some of the work I've seen around here.
  • Ornament tiles worked great to design the bathrooms. I'd love to have a bathroom like that in real life. I wish we had a default shower, but thankfully retextured woodlogs and beams work great to create stuff. Now I have a simple shower blueprinted :D I'm almost done with the rooms/bathrooms on the 1st floor. I then technically have to decorate the entrance hall, two living rooms, the kitchen, the coal room, the pantry, the dining hall, two common rooms, the main hallway, and the stairway closet. But I'm going to leave that all the way to the end. I think the first thing I should do is the rooms/bathrooms on all 3 floors, plus the attics. Then the classrooms. Then the library. Then I can finish making sure every room is properly furnished... and then I still have to work on the garden and the wall.
  • Oh, no! I forgot to add fireplaces! Well.. that's okay, I guess. Bookcases are not important in these particular rooms. Shame. They looked kinda nice.
  • I'm only really starting to put them to use, but blueprints are awesome! My (simple because I'm not really talented) ornate windows are so easy to replicate like this. And the "standard" bedrooms that go into this building are also super easy to just furnish over and over. There's no way I could have done any of this in Minecraft, let alone looking as nice as it's looking now, despite my lack of skill.
  • Sloped roofs on a 3-module house are surprisingly difficult. It'd be nice if ramps could stack into a single block.
  • I'm going to build a mansion from a story I'm writing. Here's hoping it looks at least slightly decent. At least RW's got me covered with great textures and tools!