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  • Thank you Alex for replying to my post regarding how you get to the slanted boards to line up. The only example I have is while decorating the Witch's house. On occasion while trying to change the colors of the walls inside I would knock out a piece of the the original structure. Especially on the curves near the roof trying put the piece back took a lot of trial and error. sometimes a piece would just lay into place and others it would not work no matter what I did. You made the area over the loft with the bay window (love it) well I knocked a hole in the wall and made the area that you had sealed off into a 2 room bathroom with shower tub toilet and sink. The biggest problem I had was on the wall between that space and the upper part of the bedroom. I must have tried a dozen times to get something to like up with what you did. I figured I was working it in the opposite fasion that you had and I may never get these pieces to match up. For the other half of that wall that was across from the windows in that room above the loft I gave up sooner and just covered the wall with single color posters as one would put up wall paper! I also walled off a portion of the upstairs bedroom ad turned it into a babies room. Thanks again for the instructions. Lilli